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Eastern Mongolia

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Terelj National Park
Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is one of the national parks of Mongolia near the capital city Ulaanbaatar. It is connected with Ulaanbaatar by a paved road, takes about 2 hours to get there from Ulaanbaatar. The road ends in Terelj settlement, which features small shops, restaurants and local families. It takes about 60kms from Ulaanbaatar.
Attractions include Khagiin Khar Nuur (Black lake) and Yestii Hot water springs. The park also has a Buddist monastery that opens for visitors. Park wildlife includes brown bears, wolves and over 200 species of birds. The Tuul River flows through the park.
The park has many rock formations for rock climbers, and includes two famous formations named for things they resemble: Turtle Rock and the Old Man Reading a Book (Praying Lama Rock).

Khagiin Khar Nuur (Black Lake)
This area is one of the less touristy places in Mongolia. It would be possible to reach the lake on the horseback or walking through. There is not proper road to get there by jeep and traveling on the horseback gives you the great opportunity to reach the lake adventurously. This is a small lake known as Khagiin Khar Nuur, 20 meter deep, buried deep within the mountains and surrounded by lush forests of pine and larch. To reach the lake we will traverse streams, valleys and marsh land. The wildlife in the area is varied and includes musk deer and moose, brown bear, roe and elk.

Khukh Nuur

"Khukh Nuur" in the Khar Zurkh Mountain is a beautiful place located in Tsenhermandal soum, Khentii aimag, Mongolia. Besides being a beautiful nature, the place is unique due to the fact that the most important event of history of Mongolia took place here.
"Khukh Nuur" in the Khar Zurkh Mountain is a beautiful fresh water lake located at 1675 metres above sea level. The surrounding areas of the lake are forested Mountains which together form one of the most attractive places in Mongolia.

Deluun Boldog

Three kilometers north of Bayan Ovoo is a group of hills known as Deluun Boldog. This is where Chinggis Khaan was born. As Deluun Boldog is one of the most important historic locations in Mongolia, one should definitely take the time to visit the historic sites and monuments of Deluun Boldog. The hill is topped with a stone monument dedicated to honor the 750th anniversary of "The Secret History of the Mongols," a 13th century chronicle of the empire, which indicates the location of the Great Khan's birthplace.